Pranidhi Automation is one of the largest GPS Fleet Management company out of India. Many Fortune 500 use Pranidhi Automation for their fleet management and security.
Pranidhi Automation provides real time information anywhere in India where there is a GSM presence.
Pranidhi Automation will replace the hardware free of cost for any manufacturing defect within 1 year.
A comprehensive annual maintenance contract can be taken for a fixed cost which covers preventive maintenance as well as components, with the exception of tampering.
The failure of the hardware unit installed for security purposes is like landing up in a major medical problem with an expired insurance. For Vehicle location and productivity it means loss of critical information and resources. Most Chinese manufactured/Indian assembled products have a very high failure rate as they are manufactured using cheaper components and constant change to the design and inputs. Most GPS companies are software entities which procure these devices from Chinese and Far East Asian Manufacturers, who have no back up or service solution for the device.
Pranidhi Automation hardware is not visible to the driver. Visible hardware acts as a cause of tampering by driver/operator and it's one of the prime reasons most organization have not been able to successfully implement a GPS Fleet Management Solution.
No. When your vehicle is stopped for more than two minutes, the unit goes into sleep mode. It requires very little power in this mode.
Absolutely Yes– Pranidhi Automation will reinstall the unit in another vehicle at a nominal cost.
All you need is a computer with an internet connection. Pranidhi Automation will provide a User Id and Password.Will I be able to view the details of my vehicles only from my office?No. Any computer which has an internet connection will allow you to view your vehiclesCan multiple people view at the same time?Yes as many number that want to view at the same time can do so.
  • Provides Real Time Data - On a continuous basis on location of the vehicle. This helps in planning, quicker turn around for cargo/ customer queries as to where the goods are. Better utilization of your asset means more revenues and more profit.
  • Speeding - You have no control on this. Your asset’s life is being reduced/accidents are possible, causing loss of revenue and important clientele. Speed Alerts can be set and if the truck crosses a certain speed, an alert will be generated.
  • Fuel Pilferage - Create reports on fuel pilferage and average by vehicle type and entire fleet.
  • Your vehicle is stolen - The vehicle can be gradually stopped and then immobilized through your mobile phone or from the internet or from the SSPL control center.
  • Mileage - You are no more dependent on the odometer for mileage. Global positioning system gives the mileage with 98% accuracy.
  • Work Timings - What time the vehicle started/ Where it went/ How much distance travelled/ What time he reached your customer - everything is available in a report. You will never have to hear from the driver that he waited 5 hours to unload. You will have the power of the instant information.
  • Sensors - Hi-end technology with Accident Detector/Fuel Sensor/Thermal Sensor allows enhanced Monitoring and greater Productivity.
Not at all – after a comprehensive training on the software – the system is at your disposal to use as you please.


Pranidhi Automation provides a Fully Customized Fleet Management Application,
designed to fit specific needs of various Organizations and Industries.

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